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Buy Dansko Shoes

We tapped Dr. Miguel Cunha, New York-based podiatrist and founder of Gotham Footcare, for tips on choosing the best shoes for restaurant work. He walks us through the most important considerations: comfort, support and traction.

buy dansko shoes

One of the most common server injuries is sore feet. According to Cunha, this is usually caused by wearing unsupportive shoes. Our feet naturally pronate [walk with most weight on the inside edge of the feet] during the gait cycle.

Yep, that Emeril. Like any good kitchen footwear, these shoes are resistant to slips, spills, odors and stains, and feature insoles that include their patented B.A.M. Technology. (What else would you expect?)

The right restaurant shoes will help decrease fatigue, injuries and ailments that might otherwise leave you or your staff out of commission. To keep things running smoothly, make sure everyone from the host to the kitchen staff are wearing proper footwear, along with practicing other safety precautions.

Choosing the wrong shoe: While high heels, dress shoes, and flip-flops, are fashionable, they sometimes lack proper support. Although they might look good on your feet, they may not adequately support your feet. That lack of support is the leading cause of plantar fasciitis. Dansko shoes provide high-quality comfort and stability, making them a great solution.

Dansko shoes feature a foam midsole and deep heel cup. These features are great for people with plantar fasciitis because it provides the most support possible. The insole, which is removable, is thick enough to help the foot maintain its ideal position.

While Dansko dress shoes, clogs, and sneakers are comfortable, they also have excellent traction. Thanks to slip-resistant rubber with flex grooves, individuals are less likely to accidentally slip on surfaces. Additionally, their patented Wave plate technology provides extra stability and flexibility for feet.

Whether it involves weight distribution or foot comfort, Dansko offers some of the most flexible footwear on the market. Because of the insole cushioning design across their entire line of shoes, all Dansko footwear allows your feet to breathe while providing optimal support.

In 2012, 80% of Dansko's shoes were made in China; 20% in Italy. In early years, the company worked with a Danish partner and manufactured shoes in Europe (including Poland). Beginning in 1995, the company attempted to manufacture some product in the US but challenges related to lack of expertise in the labor force were deemed insurmountable and much manufacturing was shifted to China.[12]In an effort to increase operational efficiency, Dansko opened a new, larger facility with 46 Kiva robots to assist with processing order fulfillment needs in November 2012.[3][6][9] Also, at the new facility, distance walked by employees during a workday decreased.

In July 2014, Dansko clogs were featured in a photo displaying the Normcore fashion trend alongside Dolce & Gabbana.[15] Today Style featured Dansko's Trista clog as one of the most comfy shoes.[16] In September 2014, Dansko was recognized on B Corp's "Best for Workers" list.[17]

Dansko clogs feature anatomically contoured arch support, a rocker-bottom sole and a slightly raised heel.[5][18] These features are meant to offer increased shock absorbency, extra stability and ease leg and back muscles of wearers who stand or walk for many hours a day.[5][9] Dansko shoes are particularly popular with occupational professionals who spend most of the day on their feet, like teachers, chefs, and those in the medical field, but are also worn by others for comfort and support.[5] Most Dansko shoes have the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) and many styles are slip-resistant.[18][19][20] Footwear Plus Magazine has awarded Dansko with the "Plus Award" in the Women's Comfort category eight times.[21][22]

Worn by teachers, flight crews, doctors, nurses, chefs - people who are on their feet all day love Dansko Shoes. The most popular Dansko shoes are the Professional Clogs. Dansko has a full line of footwear, for men, women, and children, including sandals, boots, and hip-looking shoes.

A better approach is to purchase them online. Since Dansko Shoes run true to size, you can safely order them online without problems. Remember that they are European-sized! However, a good online store will note both the European size and the US size when you order. Dansko shoes are true to width and have Excellent Arch Support. ONLY purchase Danskos through an authorized Dansko dealer. There are many copycat clogs out there.

I have 4 pairs of Dankso Professional Clogs. I love them. I love that I can get them in a variety of colors. To be honest, the only other shoes I own are flip flops for the beach. They are extremely comfortable, match any outfit, can be colorful enough to be fashionable, or choose classic colors to match everything. I have 2 pairs of black Dansko Professional Clogs. One is an outdoor/yardwork pair, and the other is for everyday wear. I have a Crimson Pair of Dansko Professional clogs, and my new favorite is the Dankso Professional Clog in Cordovan Cabrio Leather. The leather is of the highest quality, lasting for years. I think for my next pair, I'll get a playful pattern!

Most people think that Dansko (remember, "Danish shoe") shoes are made in Denmark. Au Contraire! The Dansko Company is located in Pennsylvania. Dansko has selected and worked closely with the very best manufacturers in Italy, China, and Brazil. Look inside your shoe to see where it was made! They select their sourcing partners based on their proximity/access to raw materials, as well as their expertise.

urses do a lot of things during the day, from delivering babies toensuring that patients go home with exactly what they need to stay healthy. But unlike mostprofessionals, nurses do it all while on their feet. That means a good pair of shoes is invaluable.Enter Dansko shoes. Thesesuper-comfortable nursing shoes are unique in that they combine big-time comfort with accessiblestyle, so they're perfect for healthcare professionals.

Why are comfortable shoes so important? Studies show that nursing professionals have a higher likelihood of developingmusculoskeletal disorders due to daily activities that require prolonged standing or walking. Thesame studies found that nurses can counterbalance pressure to the legs, feet and knees by wearingshoes with a relatively low heel height and extra arch support in order to minimize foot pressureand impact force that leads to musculoskeletal issues.

And it's no surprise why Dansko fans wanted to spread the gospel. These shoes are made to meet thehighest standards of comfort, support, fit, durability and performance. Step into Dansko'seco-friendly headquarters in Chester County, Pennsylvania and you'll see a team dedicated todesigning, testing and manufacturing high-quality nursing shoes that make on-their-toesprofessionals happy every single day. This includes the super-popular Dansko Pro XP clogsand other comfortable healthcare shoes.

So why are Dansko shoes so great? It starts with what they're made of. Every single pair of Dansko nursing shoes is produced withcomfort-focused materials and supportive features to help reduce pressure points when you're workingon your feet all day. Dansko puts an emphasis on extensive testing to ensure that their shoes are ascomfortable and hard-working as your favorite pair of nursingscrubs!

Besides the fact that they're some of the most comfortable nursing shoes on the scene, Danskos arealso uniquely designed for the healthcare professional. That means they have features andspecifications that help them excel in doctor's offices, hospitals, clinics and other healthcareenvironments.

With all this comfort and practicality, you'd think that Dansko would have to compromise somewhere.Fortunately, the company is big on producing stylish nursing shoes that don't take away from yourpersonal look. Their nursing clogs feature a classic clog silhouette in your choice of an open orclosed back. But Dansko nursing shoes have evolved in the past several years, and the company nowoffers many non-clog styles, including nursing Mary-Janes, sneakers and heels.

These shoes are similar to scrubs in that they come in an endless variety of colors and patterns tosuit your day-to-day or special-occasion style. For example, the popular DanskoUnisex Nursing Shoe comes in 14 unique colors and patterns, ranging from solid brown andblack to brightly colored, kaleidoscopic prints. Dansko also produces a range of nursing sneakersand lace-up athletic shoes that combine comfort and practicality with sporty style.

Another reason nurses love Dansko shoes is because the company operates on an ethical, eco-friendlymodel. Its Pennsylvania headquarters is LEED Gold Certified and features a unique, vegetatedroof that helps insulate the building to reduce heating and cooling usage. With two-thirds of theroof covered in plants, it's able to absorb up to 80 percent of rainwater to minimize runoff. Ofcourse, the company also uses wind and solar power to minimize its carbon footprint.

We know it can be difficult to know which type of Dansko shoes is most appropriate for your uniquepreferences and work environment. These healthcare-friendly kicks come in a wide variety of optionsand materials. When shopping for nursing shoes in general, you should focus on a few important factors,including support, slip-resistance, weight, price and work function. Start here if you're lookingfor advice on which pair of Danskos to buy.

We love the Dansko ProXP collection as a reliable and versatile pair of nursing shoes. These lightweight nursingclogs are always some of our nurses' favorite shoes because they feature comfortable, cushionedinsteps and coring holes to reduce weight. Our selection of Dansko professional clogsincludes open and closed heel styles with the same performance-enhancing features in a range ofunique styles. 041b061a72


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