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Point Requirements

To maintain membership, members must earn a minimum of 3 points from philanthropy, community, scholarship, and leadership categories each semester. An additional point is required from participating in a fundraising event.

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3 points minimum + 1 

Fundraising Point


3 points minimum


3 points mimimum


3 points mimimum

Ways to Earn Points

Examples on how to earn points are listed below. Members are not required to complete all examples, but are expected to earn the respective number of points in each category.

1 form submission = 1 point

  • Virtual or in-person volunteering

  • Participate in Greek Meds volunteer event

1 point = 1 hour Volunteering

  • attend any Greek Meds social event

  • make graphics/submit content to social media 

  • submit photos to social media

  • attend profit share

  • donate to philanthropy

  • attend a group study session

  • participate in MCAT or speaker sessions

  • submit a "Course Study Tips" form for a class/professor

  • attend professor office hours 

Course Study Tips form

  • join a Greek Meds committee, class head position, or officer position​

  • submit virtual/in-person shadowing hours

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Virtual Volunteering
  • Missing Maps

  • Crisis Text Line

  • Zooniverse

  • Volunteer Match

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