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Kraus Radio Astronomy Pdf ((FULL)) Download UPDATED

In radio astronomy it is becoming increasingly important to know the distance of the radio sources. An identification with astronomical objects observed optically is then more readily obtained and this in turn may allow further investigation of the mechanism of radio emission. A measurement of the distance of sources will also resolve the problem of their distribution in space, showing which are galactic and which are extra-galactic. Furthermore the surface area and absolute luminosity can be estimated from a knowledge of the distance and angular size of a source.

Kraus Radio Astronomy Pdf ((FULL)) Download

A review of microwave and radio-frequency spectral lines which might possibly be detected by the techniques of radio astronomy is attempted here. Brief discussions of this type have already been given by several authors [1, 2, 3, 4]. However, the present treatment is somewhat more complete than previously published material, and has the advantage of more recent information about certain transition frequencies. It includes a general discussion of types of spectra which might be found, expected intensities, and some characteristics and known frequencies of the lines which may be of interest in radio astronomy.

Research in radio astronomy at the Ohio State University covers a wide range of astronomical and engineering phases. In this paper the principal topics currently under investigation are briefly discussed. Reference is made to more detailed papers or reports published within recent months or now in the press.


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