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Troy Bruno

Articles On The Topic: "trine" ((EXCLUSIVE))

The HAC Media Team is a group of talented students in the Humanities and Communication Department dedicated to producing newsworthy content in the form of articles, podcasts, videos, and more. The HAC Media Team offers students practical, real-life experience in the communication field by exploring skills in writing, conducting source interviews, video production, podcast creation, event coverage, photography, social media management, and more.

Articles on the topic: "trine"

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Overall, the solid frame-rate on all three consoles is very impressive given the extensive use of dynamic light and shadow used to bring the world to life, not to mention the inclusion of realistic physics and a range of environmental effects, from detailed water and shiny reflections, to various smoke and particles effects in play.

This book explores how the voices of authors and other researchers are manifested in academic discourse, and how the author handles the polyphonic interaction between these various parties. It represents a unique study of academic discourse in that it takes a doubly contrastive approach, focusing on the two factors of discipline and language at the same time. It is based on a large electronic corpus of 450 research articles from three disciplines (economics, linguistics and medicine) in three languages (English, French and Norwegian). The book investigates whether disciplines and languages may be said to represent different cultures with regard to person manifestation in the texts. What is being studied is thus cultural identities as tendencies in linguistic practices. For the majority of the features focused on (e.g. metatext and bibliographical references), the discipline factor turns out to contribute more strongly to the variation observed than the language factor. However, for some of the features (e.g. pronouns and negation), the language factor is also quite strong. 041b061a72


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